Augmented Reality

   Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of real physical world through the use of visual elements, sound or other sensory stimuli. It is a platform to provide real world environment experience of objects that are available in real world that makes one feel that programmed structure is very real to them even though no such structure exist in physical manner in their current environment. In simple language, we can say that Augmented Reality is a combination of both real and virtual worlds. Augmented Reality has many application. It's primary objective is to treat the user by its audio and visual effects. It works on the principles of speech recognition, animation, head mounted and hand held devices and full virtual display on the top of real images and surrounding.
Augmented Reality application exist in every field. Since it gives one a finite idea about product using audio and visual effects, it is much welcomed every where. Nowadays classrooms are integrated with Augmented Reality. It's not now a difficult task to understand about their syllabus(may it about a fruit, plant, solar system, universe etc) with the entry of Augmented Reality. It helps kid to think bigger. More than that, it provides kids to understand their subject thoroughly and with clarity. Augmented Reality has vast application in Business field also. For instance, we generally give visiting cards to client for further enquiries after meetings. Vising card provides small description about us- name, phone number, company, company logo, physical address of the company, email id much more. It would have been better if we would be able to warm welcome them with small speech videos, taking them to office virtually, making them impressed. You have a solution for that. That's our product profile VR card. Now you seem to be much interested in the topic. Do you want to make yours a stylish impressive one. Come let's integrate your business through our company to Augmented Reality.

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